Calendar Facts Uncovered
Compares the Gregorian Calendar with the Jewish Calendar, and God's Calendar using Astronomical law and the scriptures.

Exhort - "With the beginning of the lunar year and the first season of the year, spring, and the beginning of the solar year all taking place on the fourth day of creation, proves that time began at the vernal equinox [when day and night are equal] ...March 17th ...not January 1st..."

Historical Facts
Shows how God's feast days (Passover, Pentecost, Atonement...) were replaced with pagan days of worship (Easter, Halloween, Christmas...)

Exhort " He shall speak against the most high and oppress the holy ones of the most high, thinking to change the feast days and the law. Dan. 7:25...The man of sin beginning with Constantine, made the first change in 321 A.D....changing the day of worship to the first day of the week."

Sabbath vs. Sunday
Addresses the age old question which day should we worship and why? Compares the scriptural backing for both days, and how this all important day was changed.

Exhort "Since there is so much controversy between Christians, concerning the observance of Saturday (Sabbath), or Sunday as a day of worship, We need to study the origin of both, and the time of their origin. Those who keep Sunday, as a day of worship, class those who keep Saturday (Sabbath) as non-Christians, (a sect), and those who keep the 7th Day (Saturday) say, according to Scriptural authority, those who keep the first day (Sunday) are Non-Christians..."