Creation Calendar | Statement of Faith

We believe that God (YHWH) is the Father and Creator. We believe Jesus (Yahshua) is his son, the Savior, Priest, Prophet and King. It is our belief that salvation comes through faith in Yahshua, and that blessing only comes by obeying the Commandments of YHWH that were given on Mount Sinai to Moses.

We believe that obeying YHWH's commands is freedom from legalism and the doctrines of man. We teach our brothers in Yahshua to keep the commandments he kept. We believe that all of YHWH's Sabbaths are forever and are a sign between YHWH and his people. We believe in the restoration of the two houses of Israel and the prophetic teachings of the Old and New Testaments.

We believe that Israelis are the chosen people of YHWH, that we are to be grafted into the Tree (Israel) and that all gentiles can become a part of the commonwealth of Israel by being obedient to the covenants of promise through Yahshua. We believe that neither the Jewish or Gregorian Calendars are correct astronomically or scripturally, and therefore can not be used to follow YHWH's Festivals or prophetic time.

Our Vision

The vision of Creation Calendar is to teach the origins and the fulfillment of the Original Creation Calendar found in Gen. 1:1-31 and Gen. 2:1-3. Our goal is to also set mankind back on YHWH's true time, where it relates to the correct worship of Him today.

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